Hi there!

Welcome to my website! I'm Andrew, a Chinese-Canadian Hardware Designer and 3B Mechatronics Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

I absolutely love working with and talking about technology, both old and new. The process of coming up with a solution, designing and building it, to see it come to life is the sort of experience I crave. In my spare time, I love to cook and explore this wonderful planet of ours. Ask me about my chocolate souffle recipe or my Arctic expedition! If my skillset or experiences pique your interest, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to share more about my experiences.

Currently Seeking Summer 2020 Internships!

Please feel free to reach out with any opportunities

PCB Portfolio

Quadcopter Control Board

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Designed and built custom board to reduce weight, size and complexity of quadcopter controls system

- ATmega2560 based system
- GPS, Magnetometer, Gyro, Accelerometer Sensors
- RF Transmitter
- Power Regulation Circuitry
- Battery Management Circuitry
- 4 Layer Board

Structur3D Controller Board

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Embedded systems with MCUs, various sensors and UI devices. Backbone of the new Structur3D product launching in 2019

- ICSP, I2C, SPI, UART & Serial Communication
- 4 different voltage level systems
- High frequency noise filters
- Sensor Filter Circuits
- 4 Layer Board

Sailbot Power Distribution Board

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Power distribution board with custom switching regulators for increased step-down efficiency from the nominal 4S LiPo battery of the Sailbot boat

- 12V and 5V power systems
- 400kHz, custom switching regulators
- Comparators for failure detection
- High current capabilities
- 2 Layer Board

DA-Integrated Voltage Monitor

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I2C voltage detection module desigend to provide a more economical and modular testing solution for ICs

- I2C Communication Protocol
- 4 channel differential voltage sensing
- 5V to 3.3V Level Shifting
- 4 Layer Board

Oxilight Device Driver Board

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Controller board designed to control LED board anf flash various LEDs in pre-determined, timed sequences. Custom firmware was written and uploaded

- ATtiny85
- 5V boost regulator
- Low side drvers for LEDs
- LiPo wakeup circuitry
- 2 Layer Board

Oxilight Device LED Board

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Corresponding LED board to driver board. Houses various LED and UV LED components for oxyhemoglobin detection

- 6 resistor-LED circuits
- Common source wiring
- 2 Layer Board

Sailbot Arduino Uno

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Custom Arduino Uno board designed to teach new Sailbot members electrical board design fundamentals

- USB Micro B Connection
- FT232 USB to Serial UART Interface
- 5V and 3.3V Power Circuits
- 2 Layer Board

PCB Business Card

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PCB business card that doubles as a circuit board design aid

- 8 most popular IC packages
- Metric and imperial hole sizes
- Trace width and pitch examples
- Various component footprints
- 2 Layer Board

Work Experience

Electrical Engineering Intern

Key Skills: Altium, DFM, DFA, Thermal Characterization

Formlabs is a 3D printing technology developer and manufacturer that develops 3D printers and related software and consumables

My role at Formlabs is to help finalize the development of Formlabs' newest 3D printer, the Form 3L. This next generation SLA printer has 5 times the build volume as the current Form 3. My work focuses on characterizing sensor behaviour during various times of the print, including thermal behaviour and sensor deviation. I also design safety subsystems and revise board designs in preparation for production.

Electronics Development Intern

Key Skills: KiCAD, Embedded Systems Design

Structur3D Printing is a Kitchener based business that offers scientist and engineers a solution for 3D-printing a wide range of pastes.

My role at Structur3D was to develop the electrical systems of Structur3D’s next generation device. Their current extruder system has limitations in the detail of the printed product and the next generation. My work gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of sensors, communication protocols and UI devices. See Portfolio for details on the circuit board designed

Lead Hardware Designer

Key Skills: Eagle, Portable Electronics Design

Oxilight Inc is a Toronto based startup at the Science Discovery Zone. The company’s vision is to improve wound care by enabling frontline health professionals to assess wound status anytime and anywhere.

My role at Oxilight was to add UV functionality to the existing oxyhemoglobin detection device in order to detect bacteria. The current device generates oxyhemoglobin heat maps on patients using a portable device emitting light sequences and a mobile application. My work gave me the opportunity to conquer challenges involving Lithium Polymer battery usage, battery management and small form factor circuit board design.

Engineering Co-op

Key Skills: KiCAD, Pneumatic System Repair

DA-Integrated is a Stittsville, Ontario based company. They are a leading global provider of Integrated Circuit Development, Product Information and Supply Management Services.

My role at DA-Integrated was to aid the engineering team in integrated circuits testing. This involved maintaining the pneumatic and electrical testing systems so that they could continue running 24/7. I was given the opportunity to design two circuit boards to help in testing; I2C Voltage Monitor & D10 Tester Breakout Board. The D10 breakout involved bringing up tester resources and laying out various current sinks, high power relays, and noise sensitive voltage lines to test an MRI Filter IC.

Android Developer

Key Skills: Exoplayer2, Java

Rave is a media company in Kitchener, Ontario. Their software is the world’s first multimedia messenger app that allows user to watch their favorite videos in perfect sync while simultaneously socializing with friends in real time.

My role at RAVE was adding new features to the ever-evolving Android app. Features such as pop-up balloons and floating video players are used by millions of users worldwide. I was also given the opportunity to update the video player engine, Exoplayer2, which the entire application ran upon.


Thank you to all these organizations for shaping me to be the person I am today